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Cold Compression Therapy (CCT)

At WRS, we believe in a smarter way to manage pain. Our breakthrough cold compression therapy (CCT) is proven to help post-surgery patients recover faster. This isn’t just a new approach. It changes everything.

  • It gets patients back on their feet sooner and more predictably.
  • It reduces the need for drugs and their long-term effects.
  • It gives surgeons a better tool for their patients.
  • It gives workers’ compensation companies a more reliable, lower-risk approach.
  • But most of all, it gives people their lives back.

The WRS Proventus Cold Compression Therapy Technology has provided so much value to my recovery routine. I’ve come across a lot of resources for healing and pain management, but this is at the top of the list. As a recovering addict, I can’t afford to go the route of painkillers anymore. Not only has the WRS Proventus Cold Compression Therapy Technology allowed me to provide ice and compression to nagging injuries, it provides healing when I’m enjoying downtime at home and throughout the night while I’m sleeping. The more recovery time I can get, the better, and the WRS Proventus Cold Compression Therapy Technology has allowed me to achieve that increased time like never before. I will keep my Proventus and its accessories within arm’s reach for the foreseeable future.

Darren Waller
Las Vegas Raiders

I have witnessed the devastating effects of opioid misuse in professional sports since 2002, initially with an individual club for 9 seasons and then as the Consulting Interventionist and Recovery Coach for the NFL Players Association. In providing solutions for Substance and Alcohol Use Disorder to Front Office staff, current and former players, and families, the options for pain management are few and far between. That is why I have endorsed and put my name behind WRS Proventus Cold Compression Therapy (CCT) as an amazing tool to provide natural, safe pain relief on demand, versus taking a pill. Current players are thrilled with the fact that WRS Proventus provides around the clock treatment when they are home.

Scott Gorman
Certified Interventionist (CIP) and Recovery Coach (NCPRSS)

High tech

Our line of 1-FIT custom wraps provides the comfort and fit of a premium reusable wrap, in a single-use design, assuring sterility. And our next generation Proventus Unit will allow real-time patient monitoring and usage data.

High Touch

Our nationwide network of sales and patient service representatives works with one goal in mind: to help orthopedic patients recover quicker, more comfortably, and more naturally.

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