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Patient-preferred, safe, effective pain management as a service

WRS is dedicated to getting better, faster, in the field, for our payors, practices, and patients.

Payors want better outcomes. HCPs want better tools and service to supplement all they tackle daily. And patients want to get better, faster.

So WRS gets you better—from patent-pending products, to PROs in CCT and SAM, to professionalism unmatched in our industry. Multi-modal post-op pain management for orthopedic excellence.

How We Help Avoid the Opioid

As a national provider of world-class Cold-Compression Therapy (CCT), Sustained Acoustic Medicine (SAM), Point of Care Dispensing (POCD), and mail-order pharmacy services (WFRx) we’re focused on systems that make patient recovery, and practice management, more efficient and effective.

Plus, our mission in multi-modal pain management is to combat the runaway Opioid Epidemic, utilizing the latest therapies, and best practices, to help drive consistently better outcomes for patients.

The work we perform is incredibly important, yet it can only be as successful as the entire recovery process. With WRS, I know my patients are in excellent hands — safe, speedy, predictable, and proven. All with far less risk than prescription painkillers. WRS has become an indispensable extension of our team.

Orthopedic Surgeon

When I went into surgery, I feared the worst. When would I be able to get back to work? Would I make progress fast enough? Plus warnings about painkillers truly scared me. WRS came to my house, eased my pain, gave me confidence, and empowered me with a simple, safe, and speedy recovery.

Workers’ Compensation Surgery Patient

WRS has proven success.

of patients say cold compression therapy has been effective in relieving their post-op pain. 
of patients say cold compression therapy has contributed to them taking less opioid pain pills. 
of patients would recommend WRS cold compression therapy to their family and friends. 

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