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Sustained Acoustic Medicine

Sustained Acoustic Medicine is a breakthrough soft tissue treatment intervention to reduce healing time, and it can even reduce or eliminate more risky surgical procedures. In clinical studies, this simple at-home therapy has been proven to help:

  • Get patients back to work and social activities sooner
  • Heal injuries 50% faster and reduce pain by two points on the pain scale
  • Reduce or eliminate use of opioid-based drugs and terrible side effects
  • Eliminate the risk of addiction (if used without opioid-based drugs)
  • Reduce or potentially eliminate the need for costly and more risky surgical interventions

In short, it promotes your own natural healing. Quickly and safely.


Sustained Acoustic Medicine has been proven through clinical research to accelerate the healing process in multiple systems, taking a whole-body approach. The proven effects include:

  • Accelerated collagen laydown
  • Accelerated angiogenesis effect for capillary development
  • Accelerated cytokine enzyme and lactic acid depletion
  • Accelerated oxygenated hemoglobin in muscles

In addition, Sustained Acoustic Medicine has been proven to improve mental and physiological well-being, reduce the risk for serious depression, and improve motivation. Truly a remarkable mind-body approach to health.


WRS will work with you to unleash the possibilities of Sustained Acoustic Medicine. For physicians, we create a path to a safe, drug-free approach. For workers’ compensation companies, we build a bridge to faster recovery while reducing the risk of readmittance or reinjury. All with a lower cost.

WRS will set it up. We’ll work with patients. We’ll train. We’ll help with reimbursement. We’ll do it all.

Let’s unleash the power of Sustained Acoustic Medicine.

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